Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Into Everything Apple, Music Lover,Traveller, In the closet gamer, Post Grad, Truth Seeker, Social Media Consultant & Strategist.

I’m Vikram Bhardwaj, a social media enthusiast – its in my blood. In no other field do I get to combine my love of people and new media technology so well as that of social media! and social media marketing, my specialty, is simply marketing that takes advantage of the emerging social awareness online.

I’m passionate about helping companies and people understand how social media can help them position their brand and not only get more customers, but increase the loyalty of those who already exist. Social media marketing is soft – it’s about building relationships and and leveraging them for the benefit of both consumers and producers alike.

Having been in the industry for close to a decade, i have honed my expertise in providing consultancy, technology, content and design services that are critical to your online success. I bring with me strong leadership, an enthusiastic team, sound processes and a keen eye for quality and timeliness.

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