Why do people want to express themselves so much, and how can brands tap into that !

Most people do not have a validation that they themselves have real worth. And I know that sounds dramatic, but 90 percent of the population doesn’t have that confirmation that they’re being heard. I think that what drives people to express themselves online is a confirmation of their own self-worth. It’s very much life-affirming. The reason why people write on walls is to say, hey listen, I’m here. I’m a person.

What brands need to do is to recognize that need, and to help fulfill that need. The brands that get closest to their customers are the ones that celebrate the creativity, the presence of the audience. I’m constantly looking at new ways of doing that.

Example : In the film space, most marketing campaigns are very one-way. Here’s our stars, here’s our marketing message and we open on Friday. And they just keep pumping you with that same message. The new way to market digitally is to take the audience and make the fans the center of the campaign. To show that you’re there because of them, and put a mirror on who is going and loving your movies.

The focus is not to use social media as a distribution channel, but to use it as a true community of people that are involved and vested in the product’s success. While some of this might look like it’s obvious, it’s not the norm yet.


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